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Atomic Calendar Revive

An advanced calendar card for Home Assistant Lovelace.

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Table of Contents
  1. About The Project
  2. Getting Started
  3. Features
  4. Compatibility
  5. Roadmap
  6. Sponsor
  7. Contributing
  8. License
  9. Contact
  10. Acknowledgments

About The Project๏ƒ

A Calendar Card for Home Assistant that adds advanced settings to allow much more flexibility than other available calendar cards.

Allowing for the use of both Google Calendars and CalDav, With two main viewing modes:

  • Event List Mode

  • Calendar View Mode

Event Mode

Calendar Mode

Please keep in mind, these screenshots show a basic configuration, this card allows so much more customisation!

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Built With๏ƒ




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Getting Started๏ƒ

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  • Event List & Calendar Views

  • Lovelace UI Editor Support

  • Keyword Allow and Block lists

  • Hide finished events

  • Event Progress bar

  • Language Translations

  • Limit total number of events

  • Relative time until events

  • Sort events by start times

  • Only show events between specific times

  • Event Limits & Soft Event Limits

  • Disable Links

  • MDI Icon support

  • Split multi-day events to show on each day with part numbers

  • Pre-Compiled with required libraries

  • Plus many more features added regularly


Card Version

HA Version



2022.6 Upwards


2021.11 Upwards

Progress bar will not work on older HA Versions

v5.0.0 - v5.2.2

2021.6 to 2021.10.x

May work on older HA Versions but hoursFormat option will need to be manually set.


0.117 Upwards

Home Assistant 2022.5 will not work with the card you must upgrade to 2022.6

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See the feature requests for a full list of requested features.

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Got something you would like to add? check out the contributing guide in the documentation

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MIT License

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Below are a list of resources that I used to assist with this project.

  • This card wouldnt exist without the original author atomic7777

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Table of Contents๏ƒ