No card type configured error

This usually happens when the card isn’t loaded correctly by Lovelace, check that you can see the name and version in your browser console.

Ensure that you also can access the file at the location specified in HA from a browser.

My color scheme is not showing as expected, what should I do?

If your color scheme is not showing as expected and you are using a custom theme, first please swap back to the default theme and see if this resolves the issue.

Also consider using card-mod instead, this is a much better way to control the cards looks.

How to fix β€œThe calendar can’t be loaded from Home Assistant component.”

Usually this error is displayed when the calendar is not authorised for access via Home Assistant.

For Google Calendar integtrations be sure to remove the .google.token file and re-auth your google calendar.

Unusual numbers where time should be located

Remove the following from your configuration, this is no longer required:

hoursFormat: 24h